Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Westminster Show

My people and I like to watch the dog shows and the Westminster Kennel Dog Show is coming up this week. It’s lots of fun but I heard that some humans actually place bets on the results!

They bet on breed, group, sex and age of the winner. For example, a male dog is the big favorite to win.

Last year's best-in-show winner was a male Bull Terrier. A winner this year from the same breed would pay out at 30/1 odds. That’s a lot of biscuits!

The Fox Terrier (wire) is this year’s favorite at 12/1 odds. The Scottish Terrier is also a strong favorite at 15/1 odds. Listed as long shots are breeds such as the saluki, chow chow, rottweiler and shih tzu, all of which are currently listed at 100/1 odds.

What about the Labs? Come on Las Vegas, give us a chance. I guess we really are the underdog.