Friday, February 2, 2007

It's a small world!

Gee, this Internet thing is great. I am hearing from all kinds of dogs – and from all over. We just got a message from Nicholas who is attending formal Guide Dog training at Leader Dogs for the Blind all the way in Michigan!

As her comment says, she used to live with Bonnie’s Mom.

I don’t know where Michigan is but it sounds far. Maybe my boy will walk me there someday so I can meet Nicholas.


supe said...

Whatup Hogan!? Just want to say "Hi" and take good care of your family, OK?


Anonymous said...

Hi Hogan, Nicholas & Bonnie!
My name is Leo and I am a working Leader Dog. Nicky & Bonnie, I also lived with your foster Mom for my first year of socializing training. Then I went back to school at Leader Dogs for the Blind in Michigan, and I graduated and now I live with and work for my best friend, Lori, in Kent, Ohio. She is visually impaired, so I have to make sure I really watch out for her. Nicholas, you are learning how to do that now, and Bonnie, you will get your turn when you are old enough to go to school.
Once I was honored as a Hero Dog by the Northeast Ohio German Shepherd Club and they gave me this award that I'm wearing in this picture.
Hogan, I hope to meet you some day and Nicky and Bon-Bon, I miss you. Can't wait to sniff your ... face!