Sunday, March 25, 2007

Muddy Day at the Dog Park

I really needed some exercise so my boy took me up to the dog park this morning. There were about 8 other dogs there but I didn't know any of them.

There were a few dry spots by the fence but a lot of the park was wet and muddy. Yippee!

Being a Lab, I just can't resist a nice puddle. So I dove in and some of the other dogs followed me.

I was all nice and muddy and it felt great but when my boy got me home he didn't even let me in the house until he gave me a bath. Sometimes I just don't understand humans.

Here are some more pictures from my morning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Famous Friend

I have a new friend. She is a rescued boxer name Lilly.

She is the Featured Pet this week over at

Her human was a TV star! The human’s name is Margaret Bobonich (read more about her ) and she was on the TV reality show called Survivor.

Margaret gave Lilly a nice Nike headband because they are an athletic family.

Some people don't like white boxers because they are not "recognized" - whatever that means. Many of them, like Lilly, can't hear either. But I think she is great and so does her family.

Forgetful (and strange) humans

Woof! Did you ever find yourself in this position? When my people leave the house, they have always put me in my bed while they are away.

So yesterday, I was resting on the couch (hey, it was a tiring morning!) and the girl gets her coat and keys and says goodbye to me. Then she walks out the door!!!

I waited a minute or two to see if she was coming back but I heard her car drive away. So I got off the comfortable couch and walked over to my bed in the kitchen. Just because she forgot me doesn’t mean I won’t do the right thing.

The odd part is that when she came back, she was laughing that I went to my bed by myself. What did she expect?

I can’t figure out these humans sometimes. I went back to the couch and reflected on it for awhile.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Miss Scarlett protects her girl

My friend Miss Scarlett is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She's almost 8 months old. She heard a strange noise downstairs and, of course, had to investigate. That’s what good dogs do.

It seems her human girl was sitting on this thing and spinning around. It made a terrible noise. Scarlett didn’t know what to do so she sniffed it out carefully and then decided she had to pounce to protect her human.

Good for you Scarlett!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Everybody into the pool?


I guess I'm glad to see some of the snow melting. Sure it was fun and I love the cold, but I love to be outside too and my humans won't let me stay out there too long when it's freezing.

And the walks we went on weren't as long because very few of the sidewalks were shoveled. The street isn't much fun to walk in.

I have seen more squirrels and even some chipmunks lately so spring is coming.

What I'm really looking forward to is getting to swim this summer. My boy keeps telling me he's getting me into water this summer, but we're not sure where to go.

Any good ideas? Let me know