Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guide Dog Nicky - a real Hogan's Hero

I admit that sometimes I think of Poodles as being kind of fussy and pampered.

But then I heard about Nicholas who is a poodle and also a Guide Dog.

He is really helping out a lady who can't see. He is a true Hogan's Hero.

Here are some photos of Nicky with the nice lady who trained him for a year and of his new human - the one who can't see. What a great group!

We are proud of you Nicky and I won't say bad things about poodles anymore.

Water, water everywhere

This rain has been getting to me. Well, not to me. I love the water and if I find a puddle I will play in it. But it seems like my humans are reluctant to take me out to play in the rain. And we haven’t been to the dog park or to Hub and Luke’s house or Roger’s yard for a loooong time.

I think all the other humans feel the same way though. When it does stop raining for awhile I see a whole bunch of my friends out walking with their humans. Then if it starts to rain, they all scurry back inside.

Don’t they know that water is fun?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hub and Luke

Hi everybody,

2 of my best friends in the world are Hub and Luke. They are Bernese Mountain Dogs and every so often (not often enough!) our people let us play together in their fenced in yard.

Hub and I used to play and then Luke came along too. What fun! Luke is now bigger than Hub.

There are some great pictures of Hub and Luke here.