Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Dog Breeds in Cleveland

Cleveland you have excellent taste!

The Top Dog Breeds in Cleveland according to the AKC are (drum roll please)

1) Labrador Retriever
2) German Shepherd
3) Boxer
4) Bulldog
5) Golden Retriever/Yorkshire (tie)

We're Number One!

Most Popular Dog Names

Dogs, as opposed to cats, have good, solid names like



Buddy and


Here are the Top 20 Dog Names

Notice that Hogan is not on the list. That just means that I am special and unique, right?

Most Popular Cat Names

Let's all admit it. Cats and cat owners are strange creatures. That is why they have such silly names.

The list of Top 20 Cat Names in the United States includes such names as



Princess and


I rest my case. You would never hear of a self-respecting dog with such a name.

Here are the Top 20 cat names in the US.