Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dusty - another new friend

My friend Bonnie sure has a lot of friends. She introduced me to Nicholas and Leo and here is a picture of another friend of hers named Dusty.

Dusty is a Husky/Coyote mix and lives with Bonnie until she goes to school.

Be sure to read Bonnie's comment (below) about acting like the "annoying little sister". ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hogan
I was at the dog park yesterday, wasn't it a blast. You seemed to be having a great time chacing that beagel. I stayed after and there was a valentines party with treats and all. To bad you left and missed it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you guys went to the Bark Park? You should have called me. You know how I love to play in the snow!
I want to introduce you to my neighbor friend. His name is Koby. Actually it's Kobiowshi, but we call him Koby. Some times we call him Doodle-Dog because he is a Labro-Doodle.
Koby has a nice fenced in yard so we play there all the time. Or sometimes he just comes over to visit. He's a big boy! Got a great thick neck that I can bite on, too! I'm going to miss him when I go back to school, but that's not for a long time yet.
Hope to see you soon, Hogan.