Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi Hogan. My name is Dawby - my owners are big Harry Potter fans! I'm a bunch of different kinds of dogs but I'm not too big. I think that's another reason they named me Dawby - I have big ears and I'm only about 40 pounds.

I don't get out too much right now cuz it's just too cold. I hate the cold and snow. I can't wait for summer. I saw your video in the pool, so I know you love summer too. But I also saw you playing in the snow so maybe you just like everything.

Not me - my owners say I am a very particular, picky dog. I just know what I like. Like food - I love too eat! I'm not always happy with the stuff they give me though. I can smell really good things coming off the table, but that's not what I get!

But I love my owners. I was something called a rescue dog - I think that means that if they didn't bring me home when they did I might have been killed!!!!

I think I'll go cuddle up to my owner right now. Talk to you later,

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hi Hogan, it's Bear

We met at the dog park and I've been reading your blog.

I would like to chat with you about the dog park, our humans and even squirrels.

Talk to you soon