Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dalmation Danger

Hi everybody,

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted here. I’ve been really busy – eating, walking, sleeping, playing, eating, sleeping, eating – you know how it is.

This message is for your humans so I hope you have them read this too.

The other night we were out walking and a Dalmatian was out without a leash. She was having a great time; running through yards, chasing things, barking at everything. Lots of fun! Her owner made several attempts to get her but there was no way this human was going to catch this young Dalmatian.

She came over near me but sensing that my boy would try and bring her back home, she didn’t get too close. She followed us on our walk for awhile.

All of a sudden she darted into the street and a van was coming! My owner yelled and she just missed the back end of the van – she had to jump up at the last second to avoid hitting it. We were both scared.

So even though we love to get loose and run free it can be very dangerous out there with those big metal things that humans drive speeding by. Especially when it’s dark and they can’t see us or the weather is bad and they can’t stop fast.

So please be careful out there and remind your owners to keep you on the leash except for trips to the dog park or a fenced in yard.

That was just too close with that young Dalmatian. She was lucky.