Sunday, February 4, 2007

AKC Show

Did anyone else watch the Dog Show last night? My family had it on and I watched along with them. It's fun seeing all the different breeds. Some looked very familiar. But some I've never seen before - like the Komondor - doesn't that hair get in the way?

My people made a few snide comments about me being lazy - when the dogs on TV were doing something special. I just rolled over, gnawing on my bone and ignored them. Except I had the boy scratch me behind the ears for awhile as we watched.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hogan - I know what you mean! Tehy're always telling me how expensive I am and how other dogs "work". But then they take me for a long walk or play with me and I know they don't mean it. I can't believe a Springer Spaniel won! geesh! I'm a Berner (Mountain Bernese). Now that's what I'm talking about. Any other Berner's out there? I bet you know a lot of cool dogs.

Hogan said...

I have some freinds who are Berners. Luke and Hub. Do you know them?

I thought I knew a lot of dogs from the neighborhood and the dog park but this Internet thing has let me meet a lot more.

That Springer Spaniel was really well behaved - made us look bad to our own people, didn't he?