Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bonnie, the Yellow Lab

I got a nice message from a new friend – Bonnie. She left a comment (below) about Mailman Ken.

She is only five and a half months old but is already going to school. She is in training to become a Guide Dog for a blind person. What a great thing to do.

Good for you Bonnie.

I see that she likes to lay in the snow like I do. She made a nice snow bed in this picture she sent. Looks cozy!

Keep us posted on how school goes and have fun in the snow.
Your new friend, Hogan

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mailman Ken


I know, I know.

I’m not supposed to like the mailman. I’m supposed to bark at him and try to bite him.

But I’ve known Mailman Ken since my humans brought me home and he’s a very nice human.

He talks to me and pets me and even gives me a treat sometime. What’s not to like?

But don’t get me started on those squirrels. Grrrr.

PS So far I've heard from Chestnut, Roxie, Hub, Luke and a secret admirer. This blogging is fun! Woof!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Snip Snip - What were my people thinking?

One of my good friends had to get an operation last week. I had the same operation when I was younger – it’s something that male dogs get. Ouch!

But when I had my operation, I had to wear a funny collar for a couple days. I looked really stupid and the squirrels were laughing at me when I was in the yard. My friend didn’t have to wear the collar – he sure was lucky.

I don’t know what my humans were thinking. If they asked me nicely not to bite at my incision I am sure I would have listened. But no, they had to out that ridiculous collar on me.

It’s bad enough I was snipped. Oh well, they did give me a nice soup bone when I felt better.

I love the snow!!!


We have about 5” of new snow. Yippee! My boy took me out this morning and we had lots of fun in it. I tried to tell him that I wanted to stay out longer but he didn’t understand (he’s not always the brightest, you know). But the time we did have in the snow was a blast!

I hope I can visit my friends Roger or Hub and Luke to play in their fenced-in yards today. If not, maybe the boy will take me to the doggie park when he gets back from wherever he goes every day.

I better rest up now so I will be ready to go.