Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's Up Doc?

I am going to have to speak to the humans running

I was browsing the site and saw that their featured pet this week is a rabbit!!!

After all the work me and my friends have done to keep those furry pests from our yards. It's bad enough that squirrels are everywhere gathering nuts and acorns. And they somehow know exactly how long our leashes are.

But a rabbit? As featured pet? Take a look at the critter.
They might as well start putting cats up there too.



Anonymous said...

What's with the rabbit pet of the week? Dogs are pets, all the others are just animals and don't belong on our site. Get your people under control.
Jeff the bulldog

Anonymous said...

Jeff is right, get rid of the rodents this is our site

Snowball said...

Hey I think it's nice to have something beside a dog. After all everyone knows cats make better pets.

Skipper said...

Hey Hogan _ where 'ya been? Haven't heard anything from you in awhile. Did the big bad rabbit scare you away?!?

King said...

Hogan - Don't let Skipper bully you. I think it's nice that you have other kinds of friends. If they want more dogs or whatever on the blog - they should submit them.

I KNOW you're a busy dog. Maybe Skipper's got nothing better to do. You're okay by me.

Jack said...

Hey Hogan - I am SOOOO excited. Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! I can hardly contain myself. I smell things in all the closets, but they're covered with paper or up on high shelves and I can't get to them - but I keep trying because I just know they'er for me. I'm a Jack Russell - do oyu have any Jack Russel friends. Oh - they're coming in with a bag. Gotta go! I'm so excited! Presents! YEAH!!!

Hogan said...

I understand what you are saying. First a cat and then a rabbit. Don't listen to Snowball - dogs are the best pets.

I'll see if I can convince them to keep it to dogs only but they are stubborn (and I'm not sure they are too smart)