Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to School

My friend Bonnie is ready to go off to school to learn to be a real therapy dog.

Her human only got to keep her for a year and then has to say goodbye. This is really sad for both of them, but once Bonnie is working and helping people they'll both appreciate what a great thing they did.

I can't wait to meet the new puppy that comes in to be trained for a year in Bonnie's place.

Good luck Bonnie! Write to me!


Trouble said...

Hey Hogan - that Bonnie sure is special. I think it would be pretty sad to leave my people after a year - how scary! But I guess it'll be like having 2 families. Let us know when there's a new puppy. I want to hear about him too. If you talk to Bonnie tell her I said she's very brave and she's doing a good thing!

Mandy said...

You know... it's not only dogs that make people feel good. I'm a cat and I live in an assisted living facility with dozens of really nice people. They love to pet me (and I love to be petted)They all say I make them feel good and how beautiful I am. So let's not forget us cats - We're pretty special too.

Suzette said...

All right Mandy! I'm a cat too and I can always make someone feel better by sitting on their lap and purring while they pet me. Cats Rule!

Lucy said...

Hi Hogan -What's happening? You haven't said too much in awhile.