Sunday, March 25, 2007

Muddy Day at the Dog Park

I really needed some exercise so my boy took me up to the dog park this morning. There were about 8 other dogs there but I didn't know any of them.

There were a few dry spots by the fence but a lot of the park was wet and muddy. Yippee!

Being a Lab, I just can't resist a nice puddle. So I dove in and some of the other dogs followed me.

I was all nice and muddy and it felt great but when my boy got me home he didn't even let me in the house until he gave me a bath. Sometimes I just don't understand humans.

Here are some more pictures from my morning.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hogan - It's Daisy again. Boy you look like you had a great time!If I tried that my humans would rush me home so fast - they don't like it when I get dirty. I'm really excitied about the good weather. I saw about a million new dogs walking past my house today - I greated each one and I know they'll come back to play!