Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Forgetful (and strange) humans

Woof! Did you ever find yourself in this position? When my people leave the house, they have always put me in my bed while they are away.

So yesterday, I was resting on the couch (hey, it was a tiring morning!) and the girl gets her coat and keys and says goodbye to me. Then she walks out the door!!!

I waited a minute or two to see if she was coming back but I heard her car drive away. So I got off the comfortable couch and walked over to my bed in the kitchen. Just because she forgot me doesn’t mean I won’t do the right thing.

The odd part is that when she came back, she was laughing that I went to my bed by myself. What did she expect?

I can’t figure out these humans sometimes. I went back to the couch and reflected on it for awhile.

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