Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi Hogan. My name is Dawby - my owners are big Harry Potter fans! I'm a bunch of different kinds of dogs but I'm not too big. I think that's another reason they named me Dawby - I have big ears and I'm only about 40 pounds.

I don't get out too much right now cuz it's just too cold. I hate the cold and snow. I can't wait for summer. I saw your video in the pool, so I know you love summer too. But I also saw you playing in the snow so maybe you just like everything.

Not me - my owners say I am a very particular, picky dog. I just know what I like. Like food - I love too eat! I'm not always happy with the stuff they give me though. I can smell really good things coming off the table, but that's not what I get!

But I love my owners. I was something called a rescue dog - I think that means that if they didn't bring me home when they did I might have been killed!!!!

I think I'll go cuddle up to my owner right now. Talk to you later,

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Cassie said...

Hi Dawby - I wanted to tell you that a friend of mine, a Dacschund named Peanuts is turning 10 on Valentines Day. I wanted to send a shout out to Peanuts and wish him a really good day. I hear there is going to be a party! Don't tell him, but I think he's going to be getting some Frosty Paws and I know he loves that!!! So- Happy Birthday Peanuts!and Happy Valentine's Day Dawby!