Monday, July 16, 2007

I was on TV!

Hi everybody,

Guess where I was today? I was on TV! Do you recognize this set? (Set is a TV term I learned today - it means the place where they point the cameras.)

It's from the Good Company set on Channel 3. While I was waiting to be on TV, I snuck over to their set.

I will tell you all about it and post more pictures soon. But keep the morning of August 12th available. That's when I will be on the Golden Opportunities Show on Channel 3.


1 comment:

Princess said...

Hi Hogan - That's exciting! I'll be watching for you. I never really get to do anything fun. I live in a real little apartment. But I love my owner - and I'm pretty little myself, so I guess it's okay. I sure would like to be on television some day.