Saturday, June 9, 2007

On the cover of a Magazine!

I can’t believe it. Nine of my friends and I (and 2 cats - grrrr) are on the cover of a magazine!

We are on the cover of the current issue of FiftySomething Magazine.

In case you can’t tell I am in the 2nd row in the right column.

It makes sense for us to be featured in FiftySomething Magazine because dogs and other pets are tremendous additions to the family and can be great additions to the lives of those 50 and over.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine and I will be glad to put my paw print autograph on your copy. That should be worth a lot on eBay, right?


Lightning said...

Hey Hogan

That's great!

Can I have your Pawtograph?

LOVEIS said...

Hay Hogan this blog looks great. I emailed your owner about getting more of your cards to give out to my customers. Keep on her will you?

Ginger said...

Wow Hogan - A magazine cover just for you! How can I get my picture on your website. I'm pretty cute too.

Rambo said...

Hogan - Cool Name! I was named after someone famous too - my name is Rambo. I'm kind of a mixed up breed. I think my dad was a Rottweiller and my mom - well she was probably already mixed herself. I'd like to play with you at a dog park someday.

Hogan said...

Hi Loveis - I will keep on her but you know how she is. I can bark and bark and she acts as if she doesn't even understand me sometimes.

Hogan said...

Hi Ginger,
I just left a message that tells how you can get your picture up too. I can't wait to see what you look like!

Hogan said...

Rambo - what a great name! Mixed breeds are fun - I hope you send in your picture so I will recognize you at the dog park some day.

What do you like to play? (balls, sticks, tug-of-war, just run...?)