Monday, January 29, 2007

Snip Snip - What were my people thinking?

One of my good friends had to get an operation last week. I had the same operation when I was younger – it’s something that male dogs get. Ouch!

But when I had my operation, I had to wear a funny collar for a couple days. I looked really stupid and the squirrels were laughing at me when I was in the yard. My friend didn’t have to wear the collar – he sure was lucky.

I don’t know what my humans were thinking. If they asked me nicely not to bite at my incision I am sure I would have listened. But no, they had to out that ridiculous collar on me.

It’s bad enough I was snipped. Oh well, they did give me a nice soup bone when I felt better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hogan,

I'm glad to let you know I'm feeling a lot better. I wish you would have warned me about this "snipping" thing. However,I sure am glad I didn't have to wear that silly collar. I'm finally allowed to play with other dogs. It sure was hard trying to be quiet with Hub hanging around. So, now that I'm better come on over and play soon.


Hogan said...

Hi Luke

Glad to hear you are feeling better. And glad you didn't have to wear that funny collar.

Don't get better too soon - at least not in front of your humans. Maybe you can get them to gives you some extra treats if you look sad.

Hope to see you and Hub soon